Friday, February 4, 2011

Story of the week Feb 4th

My second year of Grad school I went home during the summer to visit my mother. Actually it was because I couldn't book work for the second summer in the row. So- I’m parked in my mothers "drive way" and in California you need car to get anywhere so I borrow my girlfriends (now ex) car. It was one of those 1998 Camery’s. Really big and nice car.  
      So, I’m talking with my mom and sister when they say, oh Eddie (my dad) is coming over to take my sister for the weekend. Of course, fear shoots through my body making my limbs as frigid as cold glass. Before I have time to think about it too long, like a fucking movie up drives my dad.
Trapped. Right?
No, place to run and hide.
    (To myself), "okay boy, your a grow ass got this... besides things have changed, people have's all in your head"
   I go outside to be in an open area in case I'm wrong and we start fist fighting, or yelling. Also, because I wanted to be on neutral territory. I also just like the space, my house is way to small for these two people with this much history.
"Hey dad"
"Hey Mio, whatz goin on"
We hug
"So, whatz up"
" Aw, nothing much just home for the summer from school"
He makes one of his faces- I'm not sure if he understand and disapproves, or it's just a machismo way of nodding his head
"Nice car. Is it your?"
"No it's my girls (instant disapproval that it not mine) know cause like being in school 10 hours a day, and living so close to campus I don't really need a car"-
ahahahahhah going on inside me
He makes the same nod
"So you still doing that faggot acting stuff eh"
inhale of breath,
" But you know I'm going to this really prestigues school and when I get out-"
"Cus,  Davi is doing tattoos, jew remember that motherfuckers been drawing since like this. 100. bucks cash money. I can talk to him  get you a job u know fuck going back you can start next week"
I cut him off
"Na man, I don’t want to do that, you know I got finish this thing know it not faggot shit either. I playing some heavy shit, like some serious famous characters like Rosencrantz from..."
(in my head) next he has no idea what I'm talking about, what about Peter Pan, are you fucking stupid...think think
"and other stuff like a you know a bomber...unhh,  um,. a king , and-"
"oh ja, what king"
(in my head) fuck of course, he calls me out on the one lie, okay okay okay okay okay think thinkkkkk motherfuker eeehh (buzzer sound) times up SPEAK-
"OBERON- (holy shit how did I think of that) ...yeah he is in Shakespeare’s-"
"oberhon, ober la mirda, what kinda name is that, what is he the king of"
(in my head) fuck fuck fuck. Ohhh, fuck it
"he's the...King of Fairies"
" yeah Davi 100 bucks"
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